Concept CF Planing 2017
Start End Dropzone Occasion Contact
Jan. 30th Feb. 4th Algarve, Portugal CF Winter Camp 2017 with Pasi Pasi Pirttikosky
Mar 18th   Teuge, NL CF wake up jumps Henk Lunshof
Apr. TBD   Langar, GB CF Scramble Mary Barratt
Apr. TBD   TBD, NL CF Boogie Henk Lunshof
Apr. 1th Apr. 9th Lake Wales, USA, FL CF Meeting/Training US-CF google group
Apr. 7th Apr. 9th Lake Wales, USA, FL CF Spring Fling 2017 Brian Pangburn
May TBD Jun. TBD Germany or Poland Cumulus Convention PETi / Marcin Bak
May TBD   Langar, GB CF Boogie Mary Barratt
May 25th May 28th Moorsele, BEL Sequential CF-Camp Marc Calluy
Jun. Jun. Saarlouis, GER (coach.) Training camp CF 2way & 4way Peter A. Pfalzgraf
Jul. 14th Jul. 22th Estonia, Pärnu Parasummer Boogie Pasi Pirttikosky
Jul. TBD Jul. TBD Langar, GB Grand Prix Mary Barratt
Aug. ? Aug. ? Neust-G. or Eisen., GER „CC“ Convention (up to 16way) Peter A. Pfalzgraf
Aug. 7th Aug. 12th Saarlouis, GER 7th European Champpionships CF  
Aug. 26th Sep. 1th Neustadt-Glewe, GER German Skydiving Nationals
Sept. 8th Sept. 11th Cockerham, GB British CF Nationals  Black Knights
Sept. Sept. still open Euro CF Challenge 2017 ?  
Oct. 7th Oct. 8th Teuge, NL Dutch Dogs howling Henk Lunshof

Some date’s needs to be determined (TBD) and some events are not yet in the list.
For incoming Updates, keep an eye on our google calendar (ECF events) or just integrate it in yours.hallo
Would you like us to visit your drop-zone? Please send an email to Henk Lunshof

If you have any ideas, then write a comment. Thank you in advance.

Planning 2017

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