Vita from Tom Brand

Tom and Seele in China with the CF-World Team 2011

Task in the project: Section Briefing, CF Coach, Press Reviewer
Place of birth: Hannover, Germany
Born: 1957
Languages: German, English & French
First parachute jump: 23.08.1983 in Meißendorf (GER)
Total number of jumps: 4070
Biggest CF-Formation: 100way (WR), Lake Wales, Florida in 2007
Favorite jumping dropzone: Marl (GER) & Teuge (NL)
Favorite CF-Disciplines: 4way-Seq, 8way, CF-Parabatics
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: less
Favorite parachute types: Storm 107
Other hobbies: Running, Fitness, Ski, Mountainbike, Dancing
Occupation: Diplom-Informatiker

Tom Brand
Tom Brand